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Not gonna stop too much on the domain’s name and also some of the template layout looks rather familiar but overall there are new fake watches to see around here. Let’s dig in deeper and get a good look upon the most important details.

Design & Usability

Design looks pretty good. They use photos of fake watches on their header photo and that’s always encouraging. Colors scheme is also good though the white background gives your eye an unfinished feeling… it just feels like something’s missing out of the design. Usability overall looks good with brands being organized into models and getting to your favorite models is easy. There are some issues on some pages that do not open watches at all and they do open the larger view photos in a different tab which is kinda annoying and does not offer a good visual browsing from one angle to another. Some photos are also not resized properly so a design and usability overhaul would be great.

Brands & Range

They have a good collection of models on the most important replica watches brands. Overall collection numbers look really good. I would not go for “huge” but definitely a place where you will find most of the variations you’d be looking for.

Watch Value

Good part is that they show many photos from different angles of real replica watches. Descriptions are also good though the biggest miss is the case dimensions which is always a very important detail. When it comes to prices some are fair (almost) some are low and some are outrageous for the quality shown. So how do we pick the right ones? Well I’ll break it down for you. Swiss, whether it’s around $200 or $400 they are all overpriced for the quality the watches themselves show. They just don’t look right. Japanese Quartz, some will be worth the around $140 but only some (pick well). Asia automatic are too low priced though still some look attractive enough. Might get a good finding but there are only a few. Valjoux 7750 movements are again tricky and pretty much overpriced. Overall watches quality is lower than the prices so the balance is not really there. Still there will be some good finds and picks here for the trained eye. Here are some screenshots, first is of a Breitling for Bentley Motors replica watch which has the wrong bezel and the second is of a Swiss Rolex Day-Date rose gold replica watch which reads low quality.


I’d say that pretty much you get what you pay for and here I’m only talking about the cheap watches since the expensive ones look like a rip-off. You’ll have to compromise and look really careful before buying but if you’re into learning on your own skin and trying stuff on your own this will not be a bad place to start learning more about replica watches. Just make sure you put all the details together before you buy!